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Email Tom-Foolery, And Grumpy Customers, What Would An Online Presence Expert Do?

Ever feel like your web company took your shoes?

Sometimes the internet can be a scary place. Especially as an owner of a new or small business.

When it comes to managing an online presence, don’t take fear into the equation! logic will always prevail with computers.

Google has intricate math that they use to rank someone on their maps or search engines.

One of the scariest things for any business owner is to one day google themselves or their business and find something unsavory about them, or worse: inaccurate.

Don’t fight this battle alone, and don’t rest the weight of it on your best helpers. Invariably the urgent changes that need done get shuffled to a back burner and through no-one’s fault really, a less than optimal web-presence is born.

This is where my services become valuable. I have companies that experience growth once they hire me full time; and I have companies who spend the bare minimum and struggle along with their presence due to a lack of communication, a lack of simply enough emotional energy to deal with the vast amount of social interaction that all the little tweaks and changes to the web presence of your business which will make it shine apart from the competition.

Don’t replace your in house help! Instead garner my support in helping that in house help excel with the minimum amount of effort and stress possible

I am well aware that anyone can build a website now. What sets my skills apart is that I can read between the sales pitches and computer code and help find the best solution. What most people don’t know, is that my skills can ALSO help them get the most out of whatever solution or platform they choose.

I have also worked in sales and management and customer services all my life. I excel at spinning negatives into positive action plans. rewording things or responding to things in such a way that a negative spins into a plus is a very important thing in business. Having haters means you’re doing something right! At least you have attention! If you just keep kicking butt, ignoring the haters; they’ll be out telling around 11 people about you, even if it’s in a negative light you’ll still have 11 people hearing about you.

Love him or hate him, ask our president about the power of negative press.

All of this came to mind today, talking to one client that’s frustrated with not seeing the changes they want implemented fast enough, turning a ship around takes some time. They expressed how unrealistic expectations set by old photos online were hurting their business.

Anonymously of course, I can’t say who; but I wanted to share what my thoughts are on this. Customers will always have something to gripe about, you didn’t mow straight enough, my product wasn’t water proof enough, i thought I saw a picture of something better online, and I want it even though I am incorrect!

What do you do when that gripe becomes a mark on your google maps?

I have seen horror stories where in a moment of fear an owner does something permanent to their online presence that affects how google views them in a negative way.

I have also seen owners paralyzed by 1 or 2 star reviews, and never even reply to them with something positive for others to see.

When you don’t know what to do, and the wife is hollering at you, and your heart is racing because your identity and your business and your life are at stake, do you have someone to call? Someone with experience who cares? Local help is always worth much more than a customer service chat agent.

Just ask my other client who has a domain registrar and gmail holding him hostage for more money just to get custom emails on his name!

Fortunately, I’m his advocate and while he and his business are running smoothly, I’m ironing out his needs so he won’t have to pay more for something he should already have. in the sort term, my time is more costly, but in the long term what i’m setting up should last for the life of his business, so $4 a month for however long that is.

Sometimes it’s about doing the hard thing now, so it’s easier later on.

Some free advice from your local neighborhood Samsquatch!

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