Some clients prefer to remain private.

I only work with and for businesses that hold themselves to a higher standard. This is often evidenced by a lot of good reviews! Everyone has people that don’t jive with them, but I look for liaisons that promote love and harmony in hopefully +90% of their interactions with their customers. Infinity Tree Services continues to maintain a 5 star review online! They have extremely high integrity.

If you have 3.5 stars of higher on google maps, you qualify for a free consultation.

If you have a struggling online presence, you also qualify! A lot of people feel hopeless about their reviews. I have been run out of a place or two because they were to afraid to implement my suggestions. The thing is, I’m unwilling to accept it when someone doesn’t want to FACE their online presence.

Call me the Ramsey of Web Presence; if it makes you feel good. I can break down for you exactly what is lacking and help create a plan for success. All I need is engagement from the owners, and the team; and open, honest, even brutal communication about the steps going forward.

It isn’t scary. But it can be terrifying. Look, I know, I have anxiety about being turned on by the internet. I think a lot of business owners especially live in fear of this. As a long time nerd, I can say most of it is probably not going to happen. There are things you can do proactively to prevent and react if something like that were to occur in the future. Having a real person to call when something happens, or even if you’re just afraid something MIGHT happen? Well, wouldn’t you agree that’s nice to have?

If you have had bad experiences in the past, pages or sites or maps listings removed or locked by haters; it isn’t the end! As a business owner you ultimately have control over your business image. Don’t get handcuffed by fear! Don’t let your emotions make you freeze! Call your specialist today, and ask what you need to do to have a representative on call for you; 24/7 for emergencies, and standard business hours for normal consultation.

Worried about price? People hire an OPM (Online Presence Manager) by retainer much like an attorney. Once we get you situated, you should be golden. If our team is doing their job, they will monitor and manage your listing without need for a microscope and programming degree on your part. Instead of worrying about paying us by the hour, we develop a plan that works for you proactively; at a flat rate for your business. (See Pricing) Most owners have similar big picture needs, and vastly diverse small picture needs. Our expert will work with you to correct the rudder of your online ship; and hoist the sails to success. It’s important to be heard by someone when your ship is sinking. Who would you call on your dark and stormy night?

We adjust our retainer and plan to suit your needs. Some businesses require a lot more than others! Our prices are not in stone, nor is there anything static about our services. You always have the liberty to call anytime and speak with a professional or leave a message about your personal situation. Even if you’re not a client of ours yet; the first 15 minutes is free!

Are you trying to navigate Google Maps and how to manage your online presence? You qualify!! Call or contact now!