Welcome to MapSearch.me!

Owners are busy! You don’t have the liquid time to monitor and respond to everything that happens with your business online! Annnnd (drumroll please) THAT is where I come in.

I have made it my purpose to make online reputation management affordable and accessible to every business that needs it. If you hire someone part time, and they AREN’T busy all the time doing other things for you, and actually HAVE time to work on your online presence; usually it’s a back burner issue, for an undereducated social media user. And you probably pay them between 12 and 17K per year, not including taxes, accounting work, breaks, online server costs, domain name registration etc.

Well have no fear, Sam is here! And I have HEARD your battle cry! I am a fantastic content writer, knowledgeable tech resource, and web programmer. I have my own server space, which can be used for hosting, I offer domain registration and management, as well as building, optimizing for search, and getting you on the map!  Contact me now!

Can you find Sasquatch? What about your web guy?