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Thanks for your interest, our rates vary based on many factors, the best thing is to contact us for a quote specific to your needs and budget.

Online Presence Monitoring and Management:

  • $150 per week OR
  • $7,000 per year
  • includes*:
    1. Monitoring
    2. Inspiration
    3. Reminders
    4. AdWords Assistance
    5. Analytics by Google
    6. Help
    7. Google Maps Expertise
    8. SEO Updates
    9. Content Suggestions

*Average of 3 hours / week by a dedicated specialist. Some businesses may require a different package; and we do adjust pricing based on your business needs. We contact YOU if we see something needs changed. We standby the phone for your online needs during business hours.  If your needs exceed the recommended package, we will work together to find the best solution for your needs. That may mean purchasing additional weekly time, or finding someone within your organization that can work with us to create the best possible online presence to bring in more customers for you.

For more information:

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I offer discounts for non profits and emergency personnel; so say something if you are an EMT, Police Officer, Firefighter (Volunteers too), or in the military.

ALSO!!!! If you as a small service company also advertise and offer a discount for these fine members of our society, please mention that early on so I can offer you a discount as well.

I believe in putting good energy out to the world as much as possible; so don’t think of it as a discount so much as an investment on my part in the best parts of our neighborhoods.