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Why is Social Media Important For Small Local Businesses, don’t my Clients already know me, where I am, and what I represent? Maybe.

 Gone are the days of phone book directories and newspaper advertisements. In comes the digital age with social media! As of 2018, 77% of Americans use social media platforms. You may ask how can a social media page benefit my small business? Establishing a social media presence allows customers to post reviews(hopefully positive),resolve customer service issues efficiently and quickly, and the ability to advertise to a wider audience to gain more customers. Also most consumers follow social media pages to receive updates on services and new products. For a business owner creating and managing social media pages can be time consuming. That is where we can help you! While business owners can focus on their small business,we can help establish and maintain rapport with your customers through your social media page. Feel free to contact us if you need assistance in creating,updating, and/or maintaining your small business’ social media page!

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